PKP2 variants in ARVC cohorts

The table below lists the 101 rare (MAF<0.0001 in ExAC) protein-altering PKP2 variants identified in a cohort of 361 ARVC patients. When this rare variant frequency of 0.27978 is compared with a background population rate of 0.01358, there is a statistically significant case excess of 0.26620 (p<0.0001), which suggests that approximately 96 of these variants may be pathogenic.

Variant Type:      All protein-altering variants     -     Truncating variants     -     Non-Truncating variants
Source:      OMGL

No. Variant (CDS) Variant (Protein) Variant Type Cases (361)OMGL class ExAC frequency
1. c.2146-1G>C essential splice site 24Pathogenic0.000049
2. c.2197_2202delinsG p.His733Alafs*8frameshift 16Pathogenic0.000000
3. c.2489+1G>A essential splice site 8Pathogenic0.000024
4. c.275T>A p.L92Xnonsense 3Pathogenic0.000000
5. c.1132C>T p.Q378Xnonsense 3Pathogenic0.000000
6. c.148_151delACAG p.Thr50SerfsX61frameshift 2Pathogenic0.000000
7. c.1901del p.Asn634Thrfs*22frameshift 2Pathogenic0.000000
8. c.358G>T p.E120Xnonsense 2Pathogenic0.000000
9. c.1237C>T p.R413Xnonsense 2Pathogenic0.000016
10. c.1999G>T p.E667Xnonsense 2Pathogenic0.000000
11. c.337-2A>T essential splice site 2Pathogenic0.000000
12. c.1748_1755dup p.Val587Thrfs*72frameshift 2Pathogenic0.000000
13. c.1689-1G>C essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000008
14. c.1101dup p.Ser368Ilefs*19frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
15. c.941G>A p.G314Emissense 1VUS0.000057
16. c.1211dup p.Val406Serfs*4frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
17. c.253_256delGAGT frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
18. c.2119C>T p.Q707Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
19. c.1114G>A p.A372Tmissense 1VUS0.000008
20. c.68G>A p.G23Emissense 1VUS0.000000
21. c.1968del p.Glu657Serfs*27frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
22. c.2393C>G p.T798Rmissense 1VUS0.000000
23. c.1372_1375del p.Ile458Glnfs*7frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
24. c.314del p.Pro105Leufs*7frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
25. c.2058T>A p.Y686Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
26. c.1170+1G>C essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
27. c.1754C>G p.S585Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
28. c.2490-1G>C essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
29. c.2493T>A p.Y831Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
30. c.968_975delinsGCCTTT p.Gln323Argfs*12frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
31. c.2540T>C p.L847Pmissense 1VUS0.000000
32. c.1892delinsTCC p.Tyr631Phefs*26frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
33. c.775G>T p.E259Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
34. c.1125_1132del p.Phe376Alafs*8frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
35. c.235C>T p.R79Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
36. c.2062T>C p.S688Pmissense 1VUS0.000032
37. c.1917_1935dup p.Gly646*frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
38. c.1063C>T p.R355Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000008
39. c.1255_1279dup p.Asn427Ilefs*7frameshift 1Likely Pathogenic0.000000
40. c.215del p.Val72Glyfs*40frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
41. c.1171_1378del p.Val391Thrfs*6frameshift 1Likely Pathogenic0.000000
42. c.1177C>T p.Q393Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
43. c.356dup p.Tyr119*frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
44. c.663C>A p.Y221Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000008
45. c.2509delA p.Ser837ValfsX94frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000


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